Value Souls instead of Porcelain dolls

—————————————————- Beauty fades

in cascades

Yet the soul




It seeks the same from

where it came

Can not be tame

without putting out its


Beautiful package

a porcelain doll



void and hollow

competing to

be bought

with all the other dolls

on the shelf

Feeling unfolding

Filling with gold

It’s was not sold

It grabs a hold

Porcelain cracks

Fluid flows

For now it knows

and so it shows

Alive and real

It can feel

Kristen Davis

This poem was inspired by the price of beauty, both literally as well as superficially.

society has pitted woman against eachother to wear the crown of who looks best. By who’s standards anyway? The problem is when we focus on the outside as important,we lose what really matters. There is so much marketing on the proper way to look or improve ourselves, that as a whole we have forgotten what it’s like to FEEL. Its not just woman anymore, men are being taught to look a certain way as well. We will be happy once we have things in our procession, or are validated by someone finding us handsome or pretty.

What really matters is how we FEEL about each other and what’s on the inside. The standards put out by commercialism cause people to compete on a level where men and woman now opt for surgeries and injections and things to keep them attractive. Attractive to whom? Just who is it that will like us better for our breast’s and pondering eyes? Reality is, if we are appreciated only on the surface, it is not substantial and it will surely pass a way.

From a personal stand point, experience has shown me two sides of the coin. I’ve been deemed the ugliest of all creatures in the world, and as the hottest creature in the world. Thing about a red head is, we are found disgustful by some and pedastalled by others.

Interestingly it’s been quite an experience not being of any value, just because my look is unattractive as well as only having value for being attractive. Neither being a good thing, because my heart and my soul is worth so much more then that, and so is everyone elses.

The more we focus on being a porcelain doll or are accepted for being one, the more we begin to close off.We then start to hide the very essence of what actually makes us beautiful. Value souls not porcelain dolls, because the soul is everlasting.


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© 2016 Kristen Davis