There’s a lot of posts going around about how us essential employees are being proven to be the most important. I believe we deserve to be paid as much as others and be valued as much as others. However if my coworkers and I didn’t have the radio and music, we may not be as lighthearted behind the scenes. Do I think these people should be millionaires and nurses and food workers and police, ext be paid 12$. No I think there should be a balance.

Music is mentally healing. As a whole we need to realize that every person, every job out there is valuable. It’s not a competition and we all are valuable. There’s is not a one of us out there that is worth living more than another. Yet here we are in a situation where lives are being chosen(literally)and jobs rated.

I love that the roles have been switched, and we are being seen as valuable for once. Yet I don’t want us thinking that the latter is not anymore. Collaboration is about knowing we all have a value and impact on society as a whole.

What I wish for is a balance preferable to a tipping of the scale. We all are valuable and we all can’t live without eachother. Perhaps that’s what we need to see. Not just with us humans. Animals too.. We can’t take, take, take and expect to survive. It’ll come back to us. We can’t give,give give, we drain ourselves.

Our world is unbalanced we’ve used to many resources without giving back. Rich have become richer, poor have become poorer. Life of all forms have been taken for granted. Humans have actually gotten to the point they use deer repellent? Repellent for the INVASIVE creature? Perhaps we are the invasive so we have been put IN our VASE so we can sit and get to the center of the maze. Be the goodnesss. Speak the goodness. I’ve stopped following negative posts. Because NOW more than ever is the time to have peace, hope and faith. Placebo affects are real.. Think good thoughts 🙏🏻❤️


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