Third time is a charm with power of three

Worm Moon highlights the work that needs to be completed in our souls. We can use this energy to illuminate the places where we would like growth to take root. Clear out the soul clutter that has accumulated and create room for movement.

We can let go of

Hurt Feelings





Obsessive Thoughts


bad habits


and so on

Holding on to these things can stunt our own growth and healing. Vibrancy radiates from the inside outward. Letting go revitalizes and gives space where restriction once was. embracing joy and letting go of what no longer serves us makes room to appreciate what is happening in our lives now. We all have things to let go of and things happen in our lives. When two or more get together with intention, manifesting is stronger. So we sent out a positive intentions together and embraced the energy of the moon.

This was our third event in the salt cave and the energy was so positive and pure. A strong soul cleansing was had by all. The flow of reiki was powerful and strong. The room full of positive vibes. Natalie had her oils and chose just the right ones. I guided a little breath work, and the guided moon meditation relaxed everyone and prepared them for the energy work.

We burned what we needed to let go,and we sent out an intention of we wanted to manifest and bring into our lives. Together as one we sent out an even stronger intention for all of us. It was an amazing night with great likeminded people. We cant wait for our next event, and we look forward to seeing you all there.


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