Thinking of Yesterday

Thinking about yesterday

The day is gone

Like a video game in my mind

You were mine

Can I go back and play rewind

Into a space of no land and time

to that day we entwined

Our souls like ribbons

dancing through the air

Thinking about yesterday

The moon was lit

and the sky full of stars

Not a word on our lips

that we had to say

Thinking about yesterday

the day is gone

dreaming of tomorrow

without sorrow

Finding your heart again

with some time to borrow

Thinking of yesterday

What a masterpiece we brew

With all that life has to ensue

Such a beautiful game

When are hearts are tame

Thinking of yesterday

there was no shame

No one to blame

We where the same

Thinking about yesterday

Though we threw it all away

with words we didn’t say

Lost in a dream

Today’s a new day

Thinking of yesterday

It did not stay

though the heart didn’t stray

-Kristen Degenaars Davis

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