There is no finish Line

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

I wanted to take a moment to touch on a subject about healing and personal growth...enlightenment if you will. In Buddhism they teach self discovery and a path to nirvana. I've come across the word enlightened used loosely, some claiming enlightenment or lack of enlightenment. People trying to attain it,as though you can grasp it in your hand, hold onto it and own it. Many of us have experienced states of Nirvana, does this mean we are enlightened? In my humble opinion, and it's just that,an opinion. No one is enlightened unless they have passed on. It is my belief that we become enlightened on more things through awareness and personal growth. I went through a period of time where I thought I will never attain it. I actually know how wonderful death feels, however I like living. I love life, and there is no finish line. I prefer to stay here and experience becoming enlightened over and over again.

We keep moving foward and learning along our path

What I'm trying to articulate is that we continuously learn through experience. We then become enlightened from that experience when we learn from it. What one person is learning may be something you've already learned and you're enlightened in that area more, but they may be enlightened in an area you're not. So with each person and experience we learn something, even in duplicating a past experience. Have you ever reread a book, forgotten parts and learned something new from it?

There's a lot of people out there not accepting themselves,and where they are at. Comparing themselves to others as better or not as good. The fact is we are all perfectly inperfect and worth loving. We are all on the same road crossing paths and the road never ends,because there is always room for growth and more to know. The best thing you can do for yourself, is realize that one thing we do know, is that we know nothing at all. There is no Finish line...but there is magic in awareness and observation,as well as change. So play with the magic and keep getting enlightened over and over again . That is the fun, and the joy. When we look for the end of the road, we miss out on all the hidden paths along the way. The more we realize life is an experience and let go of our expectations, and other peoples expectations it becomes more easier to just be, with that comes a balance and harmony. Enjoy your road because it has no end!

Kristen Davis


Learn and grow


Balance and harmony

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