The love of beauty

The other day I noticed a woman who was glowing... I thought she’s pregnant or perhaps she is being loved properly. It was in fact the latter. I’m going to go a little in depth here... You see, it matters who we surround ourselves with as much as how we treat ourselves. The more we notice the good things about ourself the more they appear to others. This is true of how others seeing us can reflect in our reality as well.

If you’re with a partner who sees the beauty in you, you literally will become shinier and prettier on the outside. You will in fact glow differently to all those who see you.

This is true if our partners notice all they don’t like about us. If they see the lines around your eyes and focus on that they’ll indeed become more prevalent. Where as if they notice the beauty in your heart or your smile, the wrinkles will indeed diminish. The energy of their perceptions of you will be what you become or how you’re seen physically. Yet they are not to blame. We are to blame for the choices we make, the people who we surround ourselves with, and are responsible for our own vibration. Conceivably if we surround ourselves with supportive people, who see the good things in us, it only adds to the shining of our own light. Though the work is in mastering the belief of our own immortality and beauty and greatness and believing it faith.

Clearly it’s best to have those who see us in a good light and as young and beautiful from their perspective. So try to find those who see the best in things and keep them at your side. If and when you’re FEELING you’ve lost your faith and belief of your own powers of transcendence. Than just keep telling yourself you’re young, beautiful, smart and talented and lovable till you once again regain the feeling of momentum.

The more we see and acknowledge what’s great about our own self, the more our outward appearance reflects it. So it starts with ourself and helps to choose our circles wisely. I titled this “The love of beauty “ because in fact it is LOVE that CREATES beauty.

I used to think the word namaste was cliché, however a friend from India told me it means... I bow or I say hello to the God in you, and they acknowledge this in each other with respect. So I happen appreciate it and use it with heart intention. Namaste



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