This morning I woke up and went into work. I taught four tumbling classes, and had some spare time to go connect with nature before picking my own daughter up.

It was sunny,a hot day,barely any clouds in the sky. I headed to Celery Farm intending to see lots of creatures, it was what I wanted,specifically deer.

I love to hike and connect with my fellow species... but I also respect,love and honor the other ones among us. I decided to fully emerge and use my energy to bring me to every little hidden treasure.

There’s an effortlessness to finding even the tiniest hidden creature set back in the woods. When you are still and allow your senses to hone in.

Sometimes I need to be alone in the woods. Undisturbed to emerge myself fully,however the fact is we all have this ability... and where born with it. We’ve been conditioned not to use it. That’s ok, we may even look strange to someone who catches or sees us using our own natural intuitions. For myself I’d like to show people the stillness and awareness to this. Don’t get me wrong,every Hike and moment spent in nature aligns your body with it's own innate healing abilities . That in itself brings out ones intuition an balancing of energies. There is always inspiration from nature if you move slow, fast or with people or alone. Nature is uplifting and healing, but when your alone and still is when you find the magic.

I walked in slow,opening up all my senses .. smell,feeling,hearing, sight. I day FEELING bevause you can feel without touching.

First I walked to an area I usually don’t go to,my instinct said go left. Quietly with my hands out. A faint snap in the distance, I turn to find a Black Crowned Night Heron.

There where fish jumping up out of the lake today too. Pretty magnificent! I almost was going to call this post emergence and use dragon fly as my blog . I’ll be sure to have the opportunity again, but it’s the stillness that brought me the dragon flies. They where particular friendly today.

Chipmunks, squirrels, birds a red headed woodpecker. My sense and stillness brought me to it all. It was magic! At one point I heard a faint noise within the celery stalks. Had I not been observant,I’d have not Noticed.Silently waiting,knowing it’d come to meet me, out came a deer. It came right out in front of me. Felt my energy as safe. We acknowledged each other and it went down the path.

Two seconds after seeing the deer, my gut said... Look right. There in the water was a huge snapper and directly across another deer. Hidden back under a bush. Cooling off....

Every sight, and feeling in this special place was rewarding and my hearing did not leave me astray. There is a silent language to be heard. This place is my go to for grounding,and balancing energy. The Vibe...amoung all the hiking places I go is the most magical here. The animals and wildlife, the trees, reeds, the water. It all speaks a song that is of unity, comaradery and peace... It will share with you and accept you,If you allow. Maybe because it’s protected and a sanctuary. Allowing for there to be a trust within all that resides there because of the allowing of all to just BE. It truly is amazing and easy trail and a must see. This place is not only terrific for grounding and connecting in stillness... It's great for photography, trail running, or a walking , as well as ice skating during the Winter.


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