Roots are the hands of the tree

This morning I woke up feeling so good. Really feeling good about all the things I practice to empower myself at the core of my being.  I decided to set out for a morning trail run. First thing I noticed as I pulled in behind a trailer was that it said, Two Nuts with a Teepee. I thought,I’ve got to meet them.

I got out of my car and I saw two people reading the hiking map sign,and asked them if it was them. They appeared to be avid hikers but it  was not them . They turned out to be two people there for the New Jersey Hiking conference.  So pleasant happy and free they where, it put an even bigger smile on my face.

I began running and came across a dragon fly kneeling down as a fisherman came by, he stated that I reminded him of his granddaughter examining the leaves. A warm softened  smile embraced his face , I’m sure one was on mine as well. I said good luck fishing, then began running again. I  ran past  a cross over area that was dried out. Usually the area is full of water , and the trees growing out of it. The roots where outstretched and entangled,raising upward out of the earth and elongated reaching out to join and entangle with other trees roots.

In that moment I smiled,because I thought of  the pleasant people I already met,how kind  and open hearted and friendly we all where to each other, How this would it trickle down,reaching other people . It was all so uplifting,I looked at the roots and said to myself “Roots are the hands of the trees reaching out towards other trees feeding and nourishing and supporting each other”

Trees feed other trees through their roots. There’s a whole web of entanglements under the earth, their hands stretching out to hold one another.They will even continue to feed  a cut down tree nourishing it until it dies. It’s really quite beautiful it’s like the whole universe that conspires with us and everything through an intricate web on entanglements. When you realize just how much we are connected and how what we do and think effects us all as a whole. It makes us to want to be happy and share it, and it feels good.

There was so  much beauty today and like the trees, I was feeling uplifted and shared and conversed with so many people along my way.  

I stopped and balanced rocks at the fall and took off my shoes for earthing

I met and sat with a few diverse creatures that where all getting along. The same species that would eat each other will rest together in unity when not hungry.We are meant love fully and unconditionally  yet without sacrificing ourselves,there is so much to learn and know from the patterns of nature.

I stopped on an empty bridge to do yoga, then ran to the bottom. I passed the bottom lake and saw a pig in the lake. I decided to go over her name was Amelia and she’s a rescue pig . Her Owners took her in when a friend couldn’t keep her anymore. They where so nice to meet and talk with and Mekenzie was kind enough to let me put her cute little pig on our site. This was her second time at the lake,she was thoroughly enjoying splashing around and was friendly with  dogs and all the people watching. Just like the trees hands(roots) reaching out. One person rescues a potbelly pig, another person sees it and gets excited. Shares the happy story and well… the Trees ( humans ) are feeding the other tees ( humans ) . Happiness and appreciation spreads like wildfire

Everything we think we create, and the universe is a web. thoughts becomes words, words become reality,so stretch your hands out wide and put a smile on someones face with your words,kindness matters.


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