The full  Strawberry Moon is tonight. It got its name from the Aligonquin tribes  who knew it as a signal to gather the ripening fruit of the wild strawberries. The Strawberry Moon is also known by Honey Moon, Meed Moon, and Full Rose Moon in Europe.

It’s a time of RELEASE.. Healing, abundance, and celebration making room for growth. It’s a time to ignite epic transformations.

Symbolically I’ll use my hike from yesterday. As well as share.  I sacrificed myself yesterday for someone else. I often do this.. Old pattern that I now release forever. Not to say I have no compassion or empathy . As I certainly do. I’ve just learned to empower myself. You can’t dull your own sparkle to make others shine. You uplift by shining and sharing your sparkle. Not by dulling it, or dulling others. There’s enough joy and abundance for every single person.  Allow and receive, be free and don’t deceive. I often say a starving Lion will kill its pray. The same lion will take in an orphaned lamb if not hungry …and raise it as it’s own. Nature tells a story and a lesson for all to see.

I awoke with a terrible headache, today. Silly me, I didn’t do Reiki on myself. It would have got rid of the headache in five minutes. Yet, I set off to hike with my daughter and friends. Ten minutes in and my headache was gone. RELEASE-

As parents we guilt ourselves and expect perfection in ourselves . Our children and family mean the most to us. So when things are not working or mistakes are made, we tend to blame ourselves or focus on what needs fixing rather then what’s good. In fact… human beings have a tendency to do this negative thinking due to genetics and conditioning. So many factors.  Anytime is a good time to RELEASE that. We have the power to shift our reality with positive thought. So with tonight’s moon,  shout out and celebrate all the good things happening! This will release the negative energy with your more positive frequency. It’s a practice and we are all human. It works… but it is work, with positive results if we keep it up.

I felt so good as we hiked. Nature’s healing energy at work. It truly did surround and uplift me. All the tension in my neck and head was gone.  We had so much fun. Watching my own daughter running up the mountain with her friend. Playing, acting and getting into character with her friend. Their imaginative exploratory world. Releasing their free spiritedness without the use of technology. Totally in the moment and effortlessly enjoying. Beautiful to see…

My friend and I letting go and releasing everyday stresses. Talking, inspiring each other. Taking pictures of all the beauty we see.


Not only did I RELEASE the pressure in my head.. no unnecessary thoughts entered my mind as I was in the moment. So emerged in nature. The same energy is in nature that is channeled though my hands into a client as a reiki practitioner. Stacked a pretty decent rock balance. Totally in a meditative state, yet with awareness of all around me. It was golden…

I share my hike with you, and that of RELEASE and renewal. Tonight I release the things I do… that do not serve me well, and send out the vibration of all that’s good and happening now. I’m wishing this for YOU as well.

The fact is… there’s always room for growth and expansion. By doing these things that keep us happy and positive. We continuously grow and flourish. It’s a beautiful thing and it’s fun when you’re aware of it all unfolding around you. The synchronicities and the collaborations like a film that reels across our eyes.

It is time again to RELEASE and transform… Spread your wings my butterflies

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