Power Comes from Making a Decision

So many things come into our minds when making a decision. We have our own thoughts and what if's, as well as everyone else's. So we sometimes over analyze. What will this person think? What if I fail? Is this good, is this bad, We think think think. Some people think that yogi's and reiki practitioners are super human without cares or worries in the world. That isn't the truth, the majority of us have been through hell and back and have practiced these things to get out of our own way, and to better ourselves. we use things outside our self to learn self discipline and focused attention, so we can better manifest our desires using our own power. In other words we use these things to practice self care and self discipline so we can make better choices and decisions on our own. Rather then our, should I? could I? would have's.Everyone has their own story and lessons to contend with. We all grow and evolve at different points in our lives.

The fact is we all create our own reality with our thoughts. When we have trouble making a decision and don't focus our intention on the right areas we manifest what we do not desire, and stop ourselves from shifting into knew patterns. there are pros and cons to every decision. We always have a choice and recognizing that is our personal power. With that power though, we also realize we are responsible for our own outcome.

The first step in changing and becoming more powerful is to make a decision, stick to it, and start by taking the first step towards your goals. The most important individual who can help you follow your passions and your road to success is yourself. Take a moment to reflect, observe and ask yourself. What is it you want, and what makes you happy? Then begin doing it and making the changes that lead you toward it. We all have will inside us and we all create from a place of feeling good. So do things that make you happy, surround yourself with positive people. Make decisions for yourself and then allow the seeds to grow. Power comes from making a decision , not from indecision.

The first step in beginning to fly is deciding to open your wings


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