My topic of my hike stems from a flip flop I found. I have been finding shoes on my hikes at various spots. Today during my trail run, as I came across this shoe, I thought to myself about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. I’ve always sort of been able to understand two sides of a story and walk within both pairs of shoes. Often understanding both parties’ views. Making me not very good at taking a side, because as I hear, listen, and feel from each person, I can truly understand why they feel the way they feel. Neither party being wrong, because it’s how they are perceiving it. I probably would have made a good mediator. Every once in a while I project thought, because I also have my experience and perceptions of certain things too. I try to be aware of myself doing it and be conscious of it. There’s my perception, your perception and universal perception. When two people communicating with ability to wear each other’s shoes happens, that is genius!

There was a storm the day before this hike and rain all morning. So on my trail run there was barely anyone around. I think I passed two fishermen, and one man with a dog. I ran upon a wasp hive that had fallen. Full of eggs an larvae. Projecting my own perception, I presumed it fell. One wasp was flying in and out of the openings. I saw the larvae wriggling inside, and some larvae had fallen onto the ground. I decided the wasp was trying to save all the larvae and the larvae was calling out for help. Their nest ravaged by a tornado in the schemes of things (from their perception). However only the universe knows what truly unfolded.

Continuing on my way, I ran around the lake. There was not a single soul around and it was rainy and night time. I ran into a fox. I had just gone to the zoo with my daughter that morning and snapped a shot of her standing by a picture of a fox, because at school she learned it was her spirit animal.  Headed further into my hike, I thought to myself…I want to see a fox. Then I did! It was running straight into me as I was running into it. Face to face, we stopped about a foot apart from each other. It looked at me like it was scared and it ran behind a tree. I know I had the same look on my face as we met each others eyes. The fox peeked his head out like it was playing peek a boo. Normally I’d have my camera, and I would kneel calmly and get some good photos, however the way we ran into each other seemed to set my adrenaline off. It watched me for a moment then scurried off. My perception was the fox was unsure of me. His body language seemed to portray it. It was like we both had the same vibe. We both wanted to meet each other but where apprehensive and a little unsure. That was my observation and interpretation. Reality is, I’m not the fox, I could be wrong. I was not within his shoes, though, I could imagine being in them through observation and hypothesis.

After running into the fox, I passed the flip flop. That stirred thought and inspired this blog. Putting yourself in someone else’s Shoes. I found a little bent gold heart in a crack of a rock, on one of my stops. My daughter makes things like this out of paper clips for me. I find things all the time for her as well as things that remind me of her, whenever we are not together. Maybe I need to see things more from her perception to better understand her.

It’s nice to be able to love ourselves, yet still be able to put ourselves in other peoples shoes. Rather then putting ourselves in their shoes, based from our own stories. Feel and understand everyone’s point of view, because we are all having a unique experience. If we sit and truly listen to one another we can better understand each other. It all begins with listening with your heart.

Two people can be reading this same blog right now at the same time and both have a different perspective based on their perceptions and reality, and neither of them would be wrong.

Perceptions…Yours, mine and the universe’s


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