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July 6, 2018 Kristen Davis

      Meeting People The Old Fashioned Way

                      Today I hiked twice and a few things stood out to me… There is something about meeting people the old fashioned way. Not to say you can’t meet great people on line, however there is something so raw and beautiful when meeting people in person. Seeing their expressions and gestures. Connecting more authentically and organically. I’m finding it a bit more empowering to go back to the old way. In fact I’m loving it!
   My first hike of the day was atRockland State Park with Marybeth and Diana. It was our guest hike with Diana -founder of Divine Holism On our hike we met a woman, Christine Smith, with a flute who has her own chamber ensemble.  Her son was there training for a triathlon, and she was there practicing. She played a beautiful song for us. You can listen to her beautiful perfomance inour blog . I’m so glad I went up to her and met her the old fashioned way. She was a pleasure to meet.

Later on while taking pictures off a dock in the lake we ran into Matt and Ken. We had been talking about kyacking as we walked along, and they where in their kyacks. So we asked if they rented them, and talked to them too. Nice guys… I thought, hey this approaching people in person thing is quite fun.

   Feeling inspired and confident I set out on another hike later that day. I ran up to the water fall, and when I got there I met a few people there. Sam and Angela from Paramus. They where so open and joyous to talk to. Sam had a warm smile and they where enjoying hanging out inside the pool. Two other people joined and I stuck my own feet in for a moment. Their names where Rashly and Jess, from Bergenfield. It’s becoming my experience that meeting people on the fly is quite fun and that the majority are so nice. We live in a technical world and getting out from behind desks and computers and meeting people outside is truly inspiring and uplifting. I love engaging and getting to know people.

  As I walked up to the top lake I sat on some rocks in the water. Just taking it all in. Two guy were trying to catch something for about a half hour. Then they caught it, and I asked to see. It was a Salamander. Their names where Greg and Chris. One of them had a fish tank and the other had turtles. So we talked about the turtles I used to have and about our fish tanks. It was fun to meet these two. They let the Salamander go back into the water. I’m sure it was happy! There is something to be said about meeting people the old fashioned way.

  In parting I’d like to say…
The only thing that is constant is change and everything will continue to evolve. I’ve made great connections over the internet, so I’m not saying to toss your computers.  However, meeting people the old fashioned way, with a smile and a friendly gesture is so much more satisfying. At the park , the grocery store or wherever. You may be pleasantly surprised at who you meet. Giving or receiving a moment in time is always a reflection in our outer lens. So dream a little dream inside a dream. Get out there! 📷



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