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Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Blame Shame

The world we live in seems to be chuck full of pointing fingers and inabilities of putting ourselves in others shoes. Even in a world where many are waking up and becoming more aware and conscious.

There’s a thin line between walking and trusting non hypocrisy.

Fingers pointing,constantly looking for what’s wrong or what’s right, rather then appreciation of what is. I fall short in this area along with everyone else sometimes,I am human. It’s one of the things I try to better myself at.

We often talk about presence rather then presents and we judge others on not spending enough, or to much time with us.I’ve often said no to meeting others out, for the mere fact I couldn’t afford the meal at the restaurant or the tickets to the show. I suppose this is partly part of the reason I’ve become such an avid hiker. We meet in the woods with no expectations or have to’s, and we are in each others presence with nothing but each others company.

We live in a world full of birthdays and holidays and a zillion man made things, that in ways are a great thing. They bring people together, however it’s all become so materialized and the value of relationships and friendships have become more ...what we do for each other or what about what we bring to the to the table.

About two years ago, a friend of mine I grew very found of gave me a crystal. It was a small little crystal with the word awareness on it. I definitely showed a lack of appreciation for it, without realizing. Funny thing, the love and respect I had for him as a person was so grand, quite honestly I loved unconditionally for the first time in my life. Unfortunately, I wasn’t ready to be unguarded and couldn’t express my feelings or thoughts properly, and it became my most unhealthy friendship ever. I was always made to feel bad for any thought or feelings I had throughout my life, so I got accustomed to not expressing myself.

Recent events have made me think of the crystal and how special it was, how easily we take things for granted. Quite honestly that crystal meant more at the time,then a bag of gold or a million dollars would, because it came from someone I cared about. I think this world would be a far greater place if we noticed simple good things and expressed are thankfulness for them.

Instead of pointing fingers towards things that are wrong.

Why if someone knocks a glass over does it have to be someone’s fault? I’m not saying, people don’t purposely do things wrong with bad intention, but the majority of times an accident, a choice that had a undesirable result may just be an accident. Does judging the person who spilled the milk as bad for bumping into the glass help the matter? How about saying oops, accidents happen and helping the person by grabbing two napkins.

Some people have a misconception of healers and yogis being saints with not a worry or care in the world. When actuality we come from abuse, hardships, traumas individual to each person. We are all on a path of healing and sharing the things that work for ourselves with others. We teach and we learn and reflect and change and evolve like the tides in the ocean, the leaves falling from trees and synchronicity of our lives following the transformative patterns of nature. We are the seasons, we are the day and the night. We are all the wind blowing through the trees, and accepting ourselves and each other with our leaves all green, changing color and when they’ve fallen, is what life is all about.

Quite like the saying, dont judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, we shouldn’t point out what a tree is doing wrong or find a way for it to keep all its leaves. Without its loss of leaves, we’d not see its beauty when its bountiful and colorful. I’m unsure as to everyone else, but I find the deadened twisting tree branches magnificently beautiful.

I hope to keep making a point to see people with the same grace I see the trees through their seasons and understand that it’s no ones fault when the trees lose their leaves. Unless they’re being purposely torn off with intention.

I hope to continuously see myself within other people’s shoes and understand and be forgiving and hope the same can be seen with me. So before we blame or shame others, take a moment to wonder if you can better understand. Have a wonderful day and Thankyou for taking the time to read

Kristen Davis


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