Many Faces

This week I wanted to touch base on gossip. Hearsay if you will. I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to read my blog perceptions? I feel as though gossip in a way can change and alter perceptions and partly stems from the many faces.

We should never judge someone based on what we’ve been told by another, because people are different with different people. It all boils down to trust.

We are all authentic around one we trust, yet in the presence of someone who’s given us reason not to, or someone we may be uncertain about, we may behave or act differently. So the person you trust will have a different opinion of you, than the one you don’t. So the next time we hear ill words about someone, maybe we shouldn’t let it alter our view, and see for ourselves.

We easily share our good side to all the world, our accomplishments and best side. Our friends and family get to see all our sides in some cases. Though even in those cases letting our hair down can be altered through experiences and patterning.

I believe that as we mature and grow older and open up. We begin to have more courage and show our truest reflection to everyone. With this comes some fear and apprehension and often some confusion,because we all want to be liked, seen, heard, understood. Yet to be loved,or valued based on false representation, does not feel right or good either.

There is no love when wearing the mask because we are not actually valued for who we truly are. This being said, it can transfer over into looking outside ourselves for validation on a superficial level.

In order to love properly we have to love ourselves. Be open and honest about what isn’t pleasant about our personalities and what is. The key to taking off the mask is accepting both these parts of ourselves and being real and honest about them. Expressing our feelings and not holding them in. Part of loving ourselves is saying these things stink about myself, and I’d like to change them, and these things I love about myself. Standing up and admitting we are all lovable and worth loving.

A man on a hike today, looked me in the eye. He said, if everyone would stop talking and communicate like animals the world would be a better place, and all I could think was yes. My goodness human, you exist on this earthplane.

My best experiences in life have been with people who have looked at me,without talking and joined me in a conversation without words.

Maybe that is the third mask...because when we can look into one anothers eyes and speak without words. There is no mask, there is no image, you just are, and if you allow the conversation it can be felt. In this world we live in today there are many masks and many expectations that are not real, that we’ve been conditioned to believe and accept.

As we begin to mold our masks into the one we really are, people come and go, including some people you thought wanted to lift you up. Sometimes as you begin sticking up for yourself it’s not received well, nor is expressing how we truly feel about certain things and certain situations received well. Non of it matters because....

Truth be told... The more we bottle up our truth and don’t express our thoughts due to fear of losing a boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, family member. The greater we suffer, because we’ve already lost them by not expressing our feelings, wants desires and truths in the first place. It’s better to be loved by people for who we are, rather then rejected for who we pretend to be.

Oh so many masks in so many different scenarios, and so many layers to be peeled. Say what you think and how you feel, share your fears, your pain, your love. We are creation and an expression and that old lotus flower, it can be felt within our heart chakra the more we rip off our masks. The braver we get in every situation. Oh so many faces in different situations with different people with so many different faces.

One big step in healing our souls as a whole is to think of one person, place, or situation where you alter a part of yourself out of fear of the unknown, or rejection, or whatever it may be that prevents you from letting your guard down and be brave enough to let it down. There isn’t a one of us out there,that doesn’t have something they’d like to say or do, that they have not, so go out there and be you.

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You“-Dr. Seuss

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Hope you enjoyed it.


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