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 Life is but a dream

Ramapo Reservation Mahwah New Jersey

It was a Friday night. I didn’t want to stay in, and I tried calling a few people to go out.  I wanted to go watch a band play or go dancing. Yet it seemed  no one was available.  It was dusk, and I do not hike at night that often. Boy, was I glad I went!

I headed into the trail. No one was around,and everything looked different at night. It was kind of eerie yet so pretty. As I came up to the rock that everyone puts rock stacks on, there was one stack. I rock balanced one next to it on the right hand side. Stacking 7 for 7thheavenhikes.

My mood was up and I was feeling good, as I came up to the top of the lake. The scene was truly out of this world. The light and darkness together at the same time made it look breathtaking and the light shimmering through parts of the trees made everything pop. Parts of the water were deeper shades and others lighter with glistening sparkles.

A group of young men where diving and flipping into the water. It was spectacular watching them have so much fun! Had I had my swimsuit, I’d have flipped off the wall into the water too.

A family was sitting near by just enjoying the nice weather, and another man was back floating all the way across the lake.  On every rock opening I could see people basking in the lit open areas. Smiling laughing and having fun. Dogs playing fetch while their owners talked.

I often speak of creating reality with our thoughts, and how we dream up what appears to us and happens and evolves around us. I was right in the middle of what I wanted. Entertainment! It was a dream, visually and perceptually. As I came around the lake, there was an opening that had two people sitting on a rock. The water and the lighting was pretty. I took a picture and walked over to ask if they would allow me to use it on my site.

They said yes! They had a ukulele and I asked if they would play for me. I was lucky to hear two songs. Though they stopped the first one, it was fantastic! In my opinion, the second one was too! They’re charming , creative and adorable to watch perform. Their names are David and Leandrea. They are in a band called This Small Town. I look forward to seeing them play some day! They were friendly and awesome! This is them playing...

On my way out I noticed lots of people added stacks where I did mine. Now there where five. Tribal community amoung, healers, yogi’s, hikers whatever it may be. Do whatvyou love and love find you.

Then I met a family on my way out, they had some wood sorrel and I tried it. Tasted like lemon candy. So I picked some for my daughter. They where so informative and we discussed different hiking areas. As well as our commonalities.They even invited me to stop by if ever in Virginia. Danielle was moving there.  I’ll be sure to see them again! I will stop there. They had many of the same hobbies as myself. Yoga, aerial, nature and really where openhearted friendly people. So nice to have crossed paths

It was a great day! Life is but a dream! So make it a good one! Imagine all the possibilities



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