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Updated: Nov 10, 2019

We are all here creating our own reality and constantly shaping and shifting ourselves with our thoughts, both consciously as well as unconsciously. We are the ones who self-sabotage ourselves. We are also the ones who empower ourselves. We send out a frequency with our thoughts and bring those things in. If only... If only I make this much.If only I date this girl or have this thing. (If only I ) is a mindset of lack. So we perceive and bring in and call forth just that. One of the first things we can do is trust and have faith and appreciate where we are NOW. I’m lucky, I’m happy, the people in my life love me, and good things happen to me... We create that too. We are all creating and we are doing so consciously as well as unconsciously. ”Only you can prevent forest fires... only you “ ;)

We can have all we believe we deserve by trusting the fact that it’s all here before us, and we just have to let go of the conditioned voices in our head that say”what if this goes wrong“,with “what if it goes right“. See the steps before you, they’re laid out like bricks. A path before you, only for you, leading your way to a place of grace. We actually get what we ask for, but sometimes our critical minds get in the way, because we are conditioned to believe it’s harder than it really is. It’s not a thing to beat ourselves up about. No one here is getting it all right, so let go of perfection.

You NEED to... They need to. I give this one a big fat NO and am guilty myself of using the terminology. You know what you NEED to do. This comes across as more of a command than guidance, and it most often comes from a place of someone else’s opinions or beliefs. We do not all NEED the same thing, unless of course we are talking about being a free soul, and trusting our own gut ;)

There’s so many ways to find our way, and not all things work for everyone. We all take and leave certain things and informations that resonate for us. When we think someone could be doing something different, or better, or NEED to change their way, it comes from a place of control and dominance. All too often I hear the phrase “you need”... Or “I think you should “and I automatically put up a karate chop,setting the tone for defiance. Ha! It’s a trigger for me. I’m practicing not telling anyone they NEED to either. We’re adults and we control ourselves. When we think we know all the answers to what other people need to do,we are basically telling them they are wrong and shaming them for not living and doing as we do. We are meant to live by example and we are all imperfect. We know what’s wrong or right by how we feel. Learning and growing is part of this amazing ride that we have. We can guide and encourage each other, lift each other up and support one another. Yet, if someone is doing something different, it does not mean they are wrong. Your need to’s, may not be their need to’s, and trying to make them you, can cause “if only’s”. We even coax each other telepathically and unconsciously with our worries and thoughts of how other people should live, instead of excepting them as they are. We don’t have to live their life, nor them ours, but we are all here to celebrate this so called life, and it is amazing here! So love each other’s company and find joy when you’re together. Oops see... I just did it. I’m telling you to enjoy company, I’m expressing my own opinion right now. Oh this tangled web we weave;)

It’s a great wish of mine to be a better example through action, and to also see everyone happy with who they are, how they live and most of all how they FEEL. I know how it feels to feel lost or alone,and I know how it feels to feel high on life without outside forces. Many of the world’s most amazing geniuses and writers, and actors where deemed crazy or insane for their ways of living, or ideas. So when someone tells you that you have to, or you need to, but you feel you don’t...trust your gut. Know your path is your path. Know their path is their path, and their way FEELS right for them, so it is. We live in a world of institution, expectation, and dominance and control. Being free is mastering ourselves and allowing ourselves to be. Be who we are and who we are meant to be despite the world around us....because we are the creators of our own realities. We will never find perfection in ourselves or anyone else. We are all perfectly imperfect in different ways.

I am happy now/ How do you feel?

What would you like to experience right now?

Peace to all!


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