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Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Amongst the chaos and trials and tribulations...WE are all together in this. Being two faced( as in understanding more than one perspective ) There is no right or wrong here, other than the fighting amongst us, varying opinions and views. One side saying Stay home it’ll spread, the other saying, there will be violence, suicides and looting. Both the views having valid opinions and neither being right or wrong. There’s plenty that could go wrong or right in either CHOICE.

I read posts saying this is healing the all staying inside. Yet I see bottles and packages and supplies all being brought inside,that will be thrown outside. Gloves on the ground and wipes on the ground. I see people banding together and falling apart. A great love growing and a war among some.

I care.. I care a lot. Though it may seem not. I care a lot about where I see this headed,and the things I don’t talk about. I don’t fully express my views or opinions or state what I prophesize ,because I know it’s not wise. I just wish we could all just stare more into eachothers eyes.

We’re all in this together and there’s uncertainty no matter what way we go. You have to ask why we put all our faith in someone making our decisions for us. We FEAR...Yet the reality is we‘d be wild without some conformity, there’s way to many of us to be uncivilized, It’s just that sometimes the power of the leaders dictate to much or not enough. Like every relationship and partnership. There has to be a balance for it to be healthy. I’ve always had mad respect for honesty. In a relationship if my partner said “I’m going to date other people ,but I still want to be with you” I’d respect that!! I’ve stay if I loved them and I’d date too. I‘d be monogamous and true if they where too. Basically I feel this way about Goverment. I find it hard to listen too or watch. I find it hard to trust. My faith and trust is in God, because it can’t be in a system that does not speak the truth.

There’s alway a polarity, and the pendulum has swung. It’s only going to swing in the opposite direction. Even if we wind up like WAll-E. Remember he made it BACK TO EARTH and planted a seed. So now more than ever let’s be quiet, let’s stop fighting. Let us band together with TRUST and FAITH. So have faith and trust We’ll all be ok, and most importantly EARTH will survive. The law of attraction is real and it’s possible the disbelief of that conception has created such chaos in reality. So please brluevevin your hearts it will all be ok, and trust in the good.

The Light in me SEES the LIGHT in you

Thankyou for taking a moment to read my perspective.

Kristen Davis

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