The whole reason I got into yoga and reiki was to balance my energy during a time when I had felt I hit rock bottom. I was going through a divorce from a 16 year relationship. I’ve always been proud of my abilities to unconditionally love and forgive. Always trying to put myself within the other persons shoes and seeing things from their perception. For instance how they where raised, what they have been through, and what they have going on in their lives. I have my own battle scars and too make mistakes. However, I’ve allowed many things I shouldn’t from people and lost their respect. The more you allow someone to treat you poorly, the more they will.

My daughter too wound up not respecting me because I had no boundaries out of fear of her not liking me. Guilt that her parents where no longer together and she’d not have a proper family. So I gave her things and constantly looked to please her. Boy did that backfire. My ex was quite the same, maybe guilt from leaving, knowing how hard it’d be for me alone with my anxiety and how hard for her. He made it always fun there too. No boundaries =lack of respect

I used Reiki and Yoga on myself and began healing. Becoming more positive, self aware and most importantly more fearless. This is why I love to share my talents and gifts. What helped me can help someone else.

I would like to clarify the myth of healers and yogis being untouchable and constantly on. We to have rises and falls and that’s why we do yoga, reiki, working out, trying to eat better and just be a little healthier In body and mind. We do these things because they make a huge difference.

As a healer we draw in people who need healing. We sometimes give to much and that’s self sacrificing. Not just healers do this but kind hearted people in general. We are all teachers and healers after all. Unconditional love is accepting someone the way they are. Let’s not mistake that for no boundaries like I did. With boundaries, its Important to know it’s ok to stick up for yourself, not give to much of yourself or please someone else to make them happier.

To care for someone is one thing, but when you enable you’re not respected. It becomes you give and they take. Master Usi believed he should do reiki to those in need for free. He learned very quickly that beggars didn’t heal from hand outs. They kept coming back sicker. So he developed ways of even energy exchange. I’m not saying throw people in need to the wolves, We must guide and lend a helping hand. However we have to do it in a way that does not destroy ourselves or give to much. Finding the balance. There should be some form of give and take. Over the past year I began to go backwards. Trying to be helpful to someone else. It‘s who I am, however I self sacrificed a lot trying to always be readily available, and it only made them not respect me. Patterns my friends, that’s our work. Now I will say it’s 100% my own fault. I know better and this is why I’m sharing. Boundaries are so important. If you don’t have them you feel unworthy and that’s not a good place to be. I’m feeling the shift back up and excited to be back on path. Steadfast with change and follow through. The more you give, the more that is taken. The less you give, the less you get. Set boundaries and maintain them.

Don’t lie to yourself or accept things you shouldn’t. Most importantly speak ( throat chakra ) Communication is imperative to knowing boundaries, and knowing wether you can accept those boundaries or not. Not accepting them does not mean you don’t care or love whom you’re dealing with. It means you love yourself, and you can’t love properly if you don't love yourself. Don’t dull your light to make other people shine.

I used to think those type posts where wrong. Don’t dull your light to make others shine... I realize that means don’t let your flame burn out while trying to ignite someone else. The idea is more to balance. Light the match and share the flame as opposed to giving it away. So please set boundaries, know your worth and take care of yourself so you can better care for others. Know that unconditional love does not at all mean accepting behaviors that harm your own wellbeing.

I share because I care


❤️ Kristen

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