Today I wanted to touch on the subject of self acceptance,and how it is one of the first things we must do to improve where we are, and how we feel. Life is constantly evolving and changing. The planet the universe and all the creatures. New species are being created and old ones are becoming extinct. I'll use a insects wings for instance... The Walking stick It is still around, but it used to have wings and as it's habitat changed and it didn't need them so they evolved without them. The wings became smaller and smaller as it continued to evolve then it lost them. Over the years scientists even discovered that wings could regenerate and evolve back when needed, when walking sticks reemerged with them. Humans have the same ability to adapt and evolve with our environment too, socially as well as genetically. Following the patterns of nature is detrimental to ones survival.

Here is where acceptance comes in, Humans have a cognitive brain,we think, we analyse taking on information. We take on a plethora of false and true information. Science itself changes, things discovered often are found years later on to be wrong. Here is something to ponder? Where they wrong, or did thought creation change the truth of what once was? We will never know the answer to everything, and can only guarantee we don't. Our brains create what we think, so if we can take where we are at, or sit with whatever is going on in our lives finding something good in it. We can shift our perspectives.

I went through a long period of time in full blame,shame and negative self talk mode. Things honestly do not change until you except where you are. Everyone is going through something in some way. A divorce, addiction, health issues, financial issues, abuse. Healing, recovery,growth,and change begins with acceptance. Owning what we have become or what is happening and choosing to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Or as I like to say, in the NOW. I've been on the evolution highway for 7 years and my biggest upsets have been when I compare instead of accept where I am. When you do accept yourself, you begin to see the things you've done right, instead of wrong and then you begin to shift in the way you think and feel. Sometimes emotions and pain come up as we accept ourselves. It can be overwhelming to change, so we have to find joy or do self care to get through those periods of time. My go to's are Reiki, nature, and fitness. They help me to get through the darker times and balance into the grey area bringing light into my life. As we expand we need not have to look outside ourselves for recovery.

As we begin to accept ourselves we can consciously work on changing and improving what we do not like about ourselves and create newer better lives by taking chances and experiencing new things from where we are, not where someone else is.

SOne of the first things I did as I began to shift was get out of comfort zones,and certify to become a reiki practitioner. I would love for everyone to feel reiki, it is amazing. So much has changed in my life. I no longer blame abuse or bullying I endured as a kid or any of the things that has happened in my life to be a bad result causing my outcome. Rather I see how magical and lucky I am to have had things unfold in my life the way they have. My friend Marybeth and I just started a new side business together called 7thheavenhikes. We both have our individual business as well, this being mine. We came together as we began to accept where we where at and with similar aspirations and mindset we took a chance on another new beginning. Everything good comes from acceptance, and it truly is the first step in feeling the joy that is creation. So know we all have something going on, no one is perfect. Accept who you are, where you are at and the things that have happened to you in your life. Then say ok this is me, now what can I do to make myself happy, how can I evolve, change, grow , shift and feel good from where I am. Start taking those steps from where you are and not from where someone else is and it becomes a most unusual joyful ride. Life is love and if you look around at the pattern of nature and see the key. You begin to let go and follow the pattern of nature more effortlessly. As much as I can laugh at SNL having fun doing my impersonations, Stuart Smalley was funny, yet at the same time there is truth to jest.

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The pattern of nature


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