Kristen Davis 

Usui Reiki Master

Jikiden Reiki Practitioner

Yoga Teacher 

Ramsey NJ

200hr Ytt Lifepower yoga certified

Peacefulbabes Kids yoga certified

ordained for ministry by the Universal Life Church

psychic intuitive

EFT & TFT certified

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                                                                 The wounded Healer...

    A journey we go through. Verbal abuse, traumas, and negative psycholigy can all be traumatic ,and I know this all to well. We become conditioned to believe things that are untrue. I've grown and healed so much, and want to share the things that  worked for myself, and those around me. Reiki and yoga helps put us on a path to maintain better healthier relationships as well as EMPOWER us. We create our own experience and have the power to change how we live and see things through our lens. I've been through family disfunction, divorce, self worth and conditioned insecurities, as well as health issues. These modalities have made me stronger, both mentally and physically. Reiki and yoga release stored up negative energy. We become lighter, we meet ourself more cleary. We become more intuitive, and our bodies begin to use their innate healing abilities naturally and effectively without resistance. We become grounded. . Reiki is Gods energy, life-force energy, the energy that flows through all and gives life. It is channeled through the practitioner into the client through the palms of the practitioners hands. When we feel good, we create more goodness  in our lives. It is the law of attraction. We also become more confident, and mental health is imperative to our overall health and wellbeing. Come sail away for an hour with me and leave time and space through reiki, or join me while we go within through yoga. Please also join @Oilygirlnatalie and I for our reiki, meditation events with oils and yoga, and sound healing. Check in to catch our future events.


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Just for today

Do not anger

Do not worry

Be grateful

Do your duties fully

Be kind to others


30 minute sessions $39

60 minute sessions $66

Level 1 certification $111

Level 1&2  $222

Master level 3 coming soon


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“Kristen has a strong natural healing ability and my Reiki session was both powerful and peaceful”

Marybeth Albohn

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